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80′s (Eighties) Hairstyles For Men

1980′s hair style for middle aged guys…
1980's hair style80′s Businessman’s hair style!80's Businessman's hair stylesimple eighties short curly hairstylesimple eighties short curly hairstyleJust an ordinary 80′s long hair style..80's long hair style

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Popular 80s Hairstyles For Men

The 80s was a decade that contributed a great deal to popular culture. Changes in music, clothing styles, and even hairstyles have survived through to today. Some popular 80s hairstyles for men have lost favor for a time, but are seeing a resurgence today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular 80s hairstyles for men.

Big Hair

One of the most memorable things about the 80s is that it was the decade of big hair. Many stars and many more regular working people chose to fluff their hair up and add volume to any style. This was most often accomplished by teasing the hair up and applying mousse to hold it in place. Even individuals with straight hair were able to add volume to their hair in this fashion.

Jon Bon Jovi 80s Big Hairstyle for Men.
Jon Bon Jovi 80s big hairstyle

80s mens big hairstyle from Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx’s big hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle

Another popular style from the 80s that is beginning to come back into favor is the mullet. In order to wear one, a person simply has his hair cut short in front and on the sides while allowing the back to grow long. Many men, even professionals, wore this style in the eighties. One of the most famous examples is probably country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus men mullet hairstyle photo
Billy Ray Cyrus mullet hairstyle

Image of MacGyver 80s Mullet Hairstyle.
MacGyver 80s mullet hairstyle

Jheri Curl

Photo of Michael Jackson 80s Jheri Curl Hairstyle.
Michael Jackson 80s jheri curl hairstyle

One popular style among African American men of the era was known as the Jheri curl. This hairstyle was made popular by Michael Jackson about the time his album Thriller was released and he appeared in videos for songs from the album. Another singer who sported a Jheri curl was Lionel Richie, lead singer for the Commodores.

Picture of Lionel Richie 80s Jheri Curl Hairstyle.
Lionel Richie jheri curl hairstyle

Wet Look and Pompadour

One thing that this hairstyle brought to the forefront was the “wet look”. It was likely this style that caught people’s eyes and made them interested in using pomade to make their hair shine as if wet, even when it was dry.

Jimmy Stewart Classic Wet Look Haircut.
Jimmy Stewart formal wet look hairstyle

Elvis Presley hairstylesElvis Presley hairstyle

There were many other popular 80s hairstyles for men. However, these are the four that were worn by the majority of famous stars, and as a consequence, the majority of men and boys. Most have fallen out of fashion. But, they are beginning to make a comeback in this decade. This is especially true of the mullet.

Of course, these styles are being changed somewhat and modernized as they come back into style. The hairstyles feature a retro look with a modern twist so that hair stylists are able to put a modern stamp on them and avoid falling back thirty years when performing their duties.

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Popular 80s hairstyles for men

Big Hair

Popular 80s hairstyles for menJon Bon Jovi 8Os big hairstyle

Popular 80s hairstyles for menNikki Sixx’s big hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle
Popular 80s hairstyles for menBilly Ray Cyrrus Mullet Hairstyle

Popular 80s hairstyles for menMac Gyver 8Os Mullet Hairstyle
Jheri Curl
Popular 80s hairstyles for menLionel Richie Jheri Curl Hairstyle

Popular 80s hairstyles for menMichael Jackson 8Os Jheri Curl Hairstyle

Wet Look and Pompadour

Popular 80s hairstyles for menJimmy Stewart formal Wet Look Hairstyle

Popular 80s hairstyles for menElvis Presley Hairstyle

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